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Published on 08/24/20 / In Science Fiction

⁣Park Ranger Don Morgan is torn from his routine life, due to a UFO visitation. A power outage knocks out electronics and communications, stranding hikers, and downing a small plane. Don must lead the survivors across an area, "ZONE-X". Is it the sun, dehydration, or something else playing tricks with them? Don must summon paranormal abilities and battle marauding creatures "created" by the Aliens.

  • Stars

    David John Burke, Holly Poplawski, J.P. Edwards

  • Producer

    Thomas R Dickens

  • Release


  • Country

    United States

  • Quality

    HD DVD

  • Category

    Science Fiction

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Clint Steel
Clint Steel 3 years ago  

My girlfriend and I saw this on a date night, we loved it! Action packed, fun, love the music, if you're into musical composers you'll know what I mean. If you have a big TV the landscapes and environments are stunning! If you're into sci fi films, you'll love it too.

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